Cremorne Foreshore

The Cremorne Foreshore is the perfect setting for a breath taking workout…

Cremorne 1

The sealed foot-path is not only ideal for smooth running (walking or anything in between) it is also set against spectacular views of the harbour on one side and stunning Sydney mansions on the other.  The exercise combined with the views, are sure to leave you breathless.

    Cremorne - bridge

 Scribbly gums and Morton Bay Figs create a high canopy above the track – making for an enchanting forest feel, while visions of the urban jungle are set-off at a peaceful distance.  A sense of serenity sweeps over you as you feel close enough to witness the excitement of the city at the same time as feeling safely removed from its noise and chaos.

The loop track is approximately 3km’s from Bogota Road entrance around to the Hodgson Avenue exit.  However, alternate paths along the way, and completing the track in reverse, provide great options for making it a more substantial training session.  The key is finding a path and a distance that makes you feel challenged but not over-spent.  When exercising to reduce stress finding the right balance is vital – you can set weighty goals for yourself, so long as they are not goals that place unnecessary (or harmful) amounts of stress on your mind and body.

‘Magically’, along this path you will find the MacCallum salt water pool.  It was once a rock water pool created by locals, and is nestled down at sea level offering a refreshing addition to your session.  Splash out some leisurely laps, or, if the running track already has you beat, opt for a relaxing dip.  Soaking up the sun on the timber deck, while overlooking our beautiful city, will make you feel more as though you are mid-exotic-holiday rather than mid-sweaty-workout.

Cremorne Pool    Cremorne pool feet

The Cremorne Foreshore really is to be enjoyed.  Exercising in a beautiful location and breathing in delicious fresh air has the ability to calm your senses and clear your mind.  I suggest you soak in as much as you can.  When you have finished walking, running, swimming (and the like) kick of your trainers and find your spot of grass amongst the blissful picnickers you see dotted about the manicured lawns.  Close your eyes for a spot of meditation, or quiet reflection, and linger in natures’ magical revitalising power for as long as you like.

How to get there:

There are three main points of entry to the walk – Bogota Avenue, Hodgson Avenue and Cremorne Wharf.  It is easy to access via public transport with; the Cremorne Wharf bus (no 255) bringing you down from Neutral Bay Junction and the Ferry from Circular Quay (wharf no 4) dropping you right at Cremorne Point.

Please share your secrets with us J If you know of any breath-taking locations for revitalizing workouts please email me at and I will share them on the site. 

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