‘On Ya Bike’

Exploring your city on two wheels can lead to all kinds of unimagined fun and discovery.   So, grab your child-like sense of adventure & your best friend, and set out on a glorious voyage through the splendorous streets of your beloved city.Italian man on bike

Whether you have a destination in mind or not, be open to chaining up whenever you find yourself in pockets of your city that you already adore, or those you never even knew existed.  Enjoy the time to soak up the sights and explore new territories.  Stop for lunch in a restaurant you’ve never eaten in, sample exotic cuisines, cruise the harbours & canals and casually troll through hip street markets.  Relish the nature your city preserves by swinging by one of its beaches to sink your feet in the sand.  Or kick your shoes off and lay in a park for an hour or so, before saddling up again and heading on to your next discovery.

After 40+ hour work-week, chained to the desk, your body will love you for taking it out for a day of movement and fresh air.    Your soul will thank you for the day of freedom and fun with your friend – where there is sure to be secrets shared and frequent bursts of jubilant laughter. Soak it all in and smile as you realise that all your pedalling may well be working off your lunch!

If you haven’t spent the day cruising around on a bike since you were a kid – get out there!!!  Bike -adventures are as much fun as they ever were.   When it comes to city cycling adventures … your only limit is your imagination.

If you don’t have a bike of your own there are tonnes of cycle hire companies that will loan one out to you for a day, or for the whole weekend & Gumtree and Ebay sell ‘em cheap.

Be sure to take care out there and cycle in places you feel safe and in control.

Enjoy your adventures and feel free to share them with us by commenting below!

3 thoughts on “‘On Ya Bike’

  1. I don’t have a bike now, but when I was a child my brother and I used to go on bike rides around the towns surrounding us. Mostly small towns and wooded roads. A nice ride. We would pack a lunch to take with us.

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  2. Biking is a great way to travel. You don’t have traffic, you can see more than walking place to place, having the sun shine down and a gentle breeze is refreshing and finally, it provides a great non weight bearing form of exercise. Agree with you completely!


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