SPECT Brain Scans – A life Changer?

Daniel Amen is an American Psychiatrist specialising in brain disorders. In this video he raises the interesting point that all organ specialists, other than psychiatrists, look at images of the organ they are treating in order to diagnose and treat their patients.

The SPECT brain scan images he uses as examples show how different areas of damage to the brain correspond to different brain disorders. Through analysing the images doctors can alter and enhance their treatments so that they can be more effective for their patients.

Although his work is widely criticised, he puts forward a compelling argument – LOOK at the organ you are treating in order to understand it.

SPECT scans on the brain have the potential to change the way that brain disorders, including depression & anxiety, are treated. It has the potential to change lives!

I found this interesting – Hope you do too …

One thought on “SPECT Brain Scans – A life Changer?

  1. There is no better acknowledgement than critics and skeptics. When a new and different approach challenges conventional thinking, the defensive postures awaken. Those with open minds and open hearts develop better clarity and see the truth and reality more clearly. Dr. Amen is performing important research that will gain popularity over time.

    Thank you for sharing the video.


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