Health and happiness requires BRAVE choices

Optimum health and happiness requires more than just regular exercise and healthy eating.  It requires investigation – getting to know yourself.  Getting to know the difference between what you think will make you happy and what actually makes you happy. Sometimes it requires bravery (!)  Making choices that break the moulds of expectation.  Making choices that build new authentic moulds that are shaped… just… like… YOU!

Tune in below and be inspired by Lissa Rankin (MD) story of making brave choices in order to find her optimum health and happiness…

One thought on “Health and happiness requires BRAVE choices

  1. As a physician, I have learned and continue to convey the same message that Dr. Rankin delivers at her Ted Talk. My blog site uses much of the same terminology and sentiments. It is a blessing to develop this sense of self awareness but an even greater joy to expose others to this higher sense of real health and happiness.

    Thank you for sharing this video. If people are ready to truly LISTEN, they will gain a lot from the experience.


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