Embracing Change

In order to move forward in life we need to embrace and accept change.  Many changes in our lives happen over time, which allows us to adjust harmoniously throughout the process.  In these cases we can easily let things flow in and out of our lives. Embracing the new and releasing the old.  However, there are often times when change takes us by surprise, kicks us in the teeth, knocks us on our ass, ruins our plans and breaks our hearts.  In these instances we resist.  We struggle to hold onto things and people that we don’t want to lose.  We get stubborn and refuse to leave a ‘situation’ because it’s comfortable – even if it’s in our misery that we have found comfort.  We fight losing battles in the name of pride and stay stuck in the ‘wrong’ place for fear of moving forward.

It is in the resisting, the fighting and the struggle that we make change more difficult to deal with.  In the post below the ever inspiring Paulo Coelho shares some inspiring words about letting go, moving forward and allowing change to flow.

The one thing that we can never know is what will happen in the future.  So in struggling to hold onto something that no longer fits harmoniously into our lives, we never know what we may be missing out on.  Sometimes we must close one door, to allow another to open.


One thought on “Embracing Change

  1. The “action step” required to transition from old thought processes to new healthier ways places people into unfamiliar territories. Learning to let go of this fear is the first step necessary for future growth and development.
    Hopefully your article helps people identify this and assist them in overcoming this fear.
    I enjoy reading your blog posts.


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