Reach your Healthy Balance

The daily practice of yoga and meditation not only allows you to explore the capabilities of your body but it also develops insight to your mind and soul.  Regular and dedicated practice can lead to deeper understanding of yourself and the world that you live in.

My yoga sequences are specifically created with focus on the restoration and rejuvenation of your mind, body and soul.   Balance is crucial to your health, therefore, equal attention is dedicated to each element in my programs.

It can take a long time for us to find balance in our lives.  We often know what changes we need to make, but we don’t know how to make them (or we are afraid to make them).  We pour energy into one area of our life, at the expense of another – because we think one is more or less important than the other or because we don’t have enough time to focus on everything.   This is one of the greatest mistakes we can make, because without balance we can never be truly healthy and happy.

While it’s true focusing on one element of your health will have positive roll-on effects for another, dedicated care and attention is required in order to produce truly effective change in your life.

The ultimate goal of yoga is to find the stillness that resides within you (and the strong, lean body that it creates is a positive side-effect).  We spend most of our time switching our attention from one thing to the next, and very rarely allow our minds the time to switch off.  We keep busy with work and family commitments, social engagements, constant streams of information and endless ‘to-do’ lists, and in doing so we seriously neglect our mental well-being.  As resting periods between workouts allow muscles to restore and generate increased strength and power, resting periods for the mind can produce clarity, self-awareness and mental strength.

At Abhay Living I use yoga to produce the results that the discipline intended – creating a moving meditation though a series of postures – with focus on alignment, breath and gaze – leading you to a place of stillness.  It is in this stillness that you can find your inner peace, truth, strength and clarity.

My yoga sequences can be vigorous and physically challenging or they can be gentle and restorative.  Different days call for different levels of intensity and the most important thing you will learn from your sessions with me is the ability to take an intuitive approach to the call of your mind, body and soul.

We will focus on safe alignment so as to gain full benefits from each asana and to develop grace, strength, flexibility and stability.  We will practice awareness of how these things transcend from the physical, to the mental to the spiritual and most importantly we will develop the ability to transfer what we learn on our mats into our daily lives – making us healthier and stronger in every way.

Call me on 0400 922 283 to book your session 

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