Blue Mountains Rejuvination

Escape the city smog, for a day of fresh Blue-Mountains air

Starting at Echo Point, you will instantly be blown away by spectacular panoramic views of the Southern Blue Mountains.    The famous Three Sisters rock formation is right there and you’re only metres away from the Giant Stairway, which will leave your legs shaking madly! Continue reading “Blue Mountains Rejuvination”

Losing someone you love…

Losing someone you love is never easy. It doesn’t matter in what capacity the loss occurs. Loss of love, is loss of love, and it hurts. The idealistic response is that you love yourself enough that you can accept the situation for what it is.  That you can set the person free.  That you have an open heart that gives and receives love graciously and allows great people to flow in and out of your life with ease. You know yourself well enough to know that you can live your life without that person and still be truly happy.

Continue reading “Losing someone you love…”

The Power of the Law…

My fascination with the law of attraction and manifestation began long ago.  ‘What an amazing concept,’ I had always thought, ‘I can have whatever I want if I believe in this’.  So, I would conjure up all the most idealistic fantasies I possibly could and then I would wait…. and wait… and wait… when nothing changed in my life I would forget about the principle and settle back into my old patterns of thought.  The thoughts that I accepted as my truths, despite them being extremely limiting, negative and discontented. Continue reading “The Power of the Law…”

Feel the fear and make the changes anyway…

People come in to our lives in amazing ways. As a personal trainer and yoga teacher I often feel like I am getting as much from my clients as I am giving them. The inspiration I feel from the people I am lucky enough to meet is one of the favourite parts of my job. Some live a fantasy-like existence and give you a sense of hope, faith and aspiration. Others, through their stories, hold up a mirror and reflect back at you the very things you need to see in order to become a more authentic person. Continue reading “Feel the fear and make the changes anyway…”