In my ‘Zen’ sessions I use yoga, meditation and pranayama to help my clients relax and release stored tension.  The tension in our muscles is created as much by our minds as it is by our bodies.  Therefore, it is essential that we learn to relax the mind and the body.

Taking the time to rest and restore is so important to our overall health and well-being.  It is in these precious times that we allow our bodies and minds to restore and adapt to the stimulus they have encountered.   By allowing adequate time for restoration we are able to get back into our lives with STRONGER bodies and CLEARER minds.


The yoga sequences can be dynamic or relaxing depending on what feels right for you.  Different days, different mind-sets and different moods call upon different types of physical release.  Learning to read what your body needs and how to respond to it is all part of the process.  It’s about being intuitive and doing what feels RIGHT for you.  Practising yoga will help you to understand yourself better and find balance.  Not only on your matt, but in all areas of your life.



Pranayama is a yogic discipline that teaches you breath control.  Your breath is vital to your life, yet, because it is something you don’t consciously control, you probably don’t give it much thought.  When you begin to focus on your breath, and learn to regulate it, you become aware of the power it has.  By simply slowing and deepening your breath you can create calmness in your mind.  You can use your breath and intention to release tension in specific parts of the body.  There are many different techniques used to produce different effects ranging from calmness to increased energy.  Again, my sessions are designed to suit you and your specific needs.  However, if you are new to pranayama it will be useful to play around with different methods so that you get a true sense of their power and what feels good for you.


The ultimate goal of meditation is to still the mind of thought.  It is to find the stillness and PEACE that is always present behind your thoughts.  Using techniques such as breath control, mudras and mantras you learn to watch your where your mind is going and bring it back to a place of focus.  Meditation creates calmness and teaches you methods of mind control you can transfer into your everyday life.

Practising yoga can have amazing transformational effects on the mind, body and soul and as mentioned it CAN (and should) be tailored to suit your own desires and needs.

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