The Power of the Law…

My fascination with the law of attraction and manifestation began long ago.  ‘What an amazing concept,’ I had always thought, ‘I can have whatever I want if I believe in this’.  So, I would conjure up all the most idealistic fantasies I possibly could and then I would wait…. and wait… and wait… when nothing changed in my life I would forget about the principle and settle back into my old patterns of thought.  The thoughts that I accepted as my truths, despite them being extremely limiting, negative and discontented. Continue reading “The Power of the Law…”

Effects of Stress

Stress is an essential human response. It is part of our human survival kit. The way that we react to stress is very individual as it is based on our own perception of a situation.  What one person finds stressful may have zero effect on another. Therefore, it is important for us to be able to identify our own personal sources of stresses, so that we can make the necessary lifestyle adjustments to reduce them. Continue reading “Effects of Stress”