Hiking @ Wentworth Falls

Hiking at Wentworth Falls is a peaceful way to explore the Blue Mountains. The paths you follow lead to some of the most exquisite views over the Jamieson Valley, and range from 5 minute to 5 hour hikes.  They are well marked, easy to follow and each highlight different vantage points of the falls.  The hypnotic sound of water slowly cascading down rocks will please your senses and keep you moving onto the next look out. Continue reading “Hiking @ Wentworth Falls”

Blue Mountains Rejuvination

Escape the city smog, for a day of fresh Blue-Mountains air

Starting at Echo Point, you will instantly be blown away by spectacular panoramic views of the Southern Blue Mountains.    The famous Three Sisters rock formation is right there and you’re only metres away from the Giant Stairway, which will leave your legs shaking madly! Continue reading “Blue Mountains Rejuvination”