Exercise in Nature

Find a place to train that takes your breath away…

Exercising in nature is the best!  It has a calming and balancing effect on our senses that brings us back to the essence of who we are.  When exercising to reduce or alleviate stress it is important that we make our exercise sessions as pleasurable as they can be.  It is possible for your workout to take your breath away in more ways than one. Continue reading “Exercise in Nature”

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Eating to Fight Adrenal Fatigue

Your health depends on the choices you make and what you choose to eat is one of the most important choices of all.  Especially when dealing with Adrenal Fatigue, your food choices can be extremely healing or detrimental.

When you are highly stressed and your adrenals are fatigued what you eat (and when you eat) becomes all the more important.  Eating foods that are highly nutritious and easily assimilated by the body will be instrumental in your recovery. Continue reading “Eating to Fight Adrenal Fatigue”

Reduce Acid. Reduce Stress

Bringing your pH (acid/alkaline) levels into balance is of utmost importance to your overall health and well-being.  For optimum health, your body should always be slightly more alkaline than acidic.

A more alkaline reading represents a higher presence of oxygen (which of course is vital for our health and survival), where as a more acidic reading represents a lower presence of oxygen. Continue reading “Reduce Acid. Reduce Stress”