‘Before Jenn started teaching me I’d done a bit of yoga here and there, on holiday mainly, but I’d never managed to become more committed.  Somehow Jenn, an insightful and fun teacher, within a few one-on-one lessons got me hooked.  I’m so grateful to her for being a part of my on-going yoga journey and would highly recommend her as a teacher’.

Sean Swallow – http://www.seanswallow.com/

“Perhaps the most positive aspect of my two years training with Jen is that they simply flew by. She diversified our workouts and was not only knowledgeable in health and fitness but also a kind ear and good advice giver. Whether it was a different yoga pose or new nutrition plan, Jen was inventive and always able to think outside the box. I would have no reservations recommending her for future employ.”

Clarise Lehman – The Rambling Muse

‘Training with Jen was a real pleasure – she made it fun to work out.  And she was great at personalising the exercises for what I needed – post-surgery and chemotherapy – gradually building me up again.’

– Penny Linnett –

‘Jen conducted weekly yoga sessions for the two of us at our home.  Sessions focused on flexibility and balance.  Jen introduced us to a wide variety of yoga positions.  She was always patient and supportive.  At times, it was hard work (not a bad thing!) and at others relaxing.  We were both very pleased with our progress and would gladly resume sessions with Jen if our paths cross again.’

– Tom & Terry Watkins

‘I had the pleasure to work with Jen for a few months in 2013 as my personal trainer, before her return to Australia.  I found her empathetic, a very good listener, caring as well as results orientated.  She quickly understood what would and wouldn’t motivate me and tailored a programme that was both realistic but stretching enough to keep me interested.  Although we met at 6:30am, she was always enthusiastic, prepared and on time!’

Sue Chidler – Marketing Director at Cath Kidston

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