About Jen

Master of Communications

NLP Practitioner

Yoga Teacher

Diploma in Personal Training

Certificate III & IV in Fitness

BA (Humanities)

My journey as a holistic trainer began over 12 years ago – leading me to India to study yoga in its traditional land, to work with high profile and A-List clients in London’s exclusive Notting Hill, and finally back home to Sydney, where the heart is.

It has always been my belief that true health and vitality comes from finding balance within the mind, body and soul. Working on one element without working on the others is pointless if it’s total health you are interested in. As such, I design my programs to incorporate all three elements- with emphasis tailored to suit each of my clients’ unique needs. I use a blend of exercise, relaxation, nutrition and lifestyle management strategies to help restore balance, health and happiness. This holistic approach is key managing stress effectively in our lives.

My personal and professional experiences have resulted in me developing my knowledge and skills around stress management. Stress affects our health in many destructive ways and often wears away at us (physically, mentally and emotionally) without us realising the catastrophic effects it is having on our health and on our lives. It is additive and cumulative in nature, and because of this we often ignore (or learn to tolerate) its effects, until their accumulation becomes too great for us to bear.  It is my aim to help my clients reduce and reverse the effects of stress before they become chronic.

My training philosophy is based on ‘knowing your own body’. I help people develop an intuitive response to the call of their own bodies – so that they know how to challenge themselves without forcing themselves to do things that don’t feel right.

I get results by focusing on what works for the individual believing that ‘Knowing your own body and how it responds to the food you eat, and the physical stimulus you apply to it, is more important than knowing about the latest trends. Knowing yourself and your own body is the first and most important step towards creating optimal radiant health’.

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