Magic Noodles

These aren’t new, but if you don’t already know about them… this could be a happy discovery for you indeed.

Magic noodles (otherwise known as Shiratake or Miracle noodles) are the noodles you can eat without ‘really’ eating noodles.  There will be no bloating (yay!) because there is no wheat in them (yipee!) because they’re made from Yams.  (Yes YAMS!)  

So, I’m pretty sure at this point you’re not convinced that these babies are going to look, taste or even closely resemble your beloved noodle – but you’d be wrong.  They are semi-transparent spaghetti looking things that have very little flavour of their own.  However, they DO such a fabulous job of soaking up the flavours you bestow upon them, that you’ll think you’re eating the real-deal.   They slide right out of the packet, into your bowl, ready to be eaten (no cooking!)  Check ’em out …

Magic Noodles

For the calorie conscious amongst you, here’s the BEST bit – eating a whole 112gm packet will not only fill your tum but you’ll only be consuming 20 calories!

I’m not a huge fan of noodles myself, however, those of you who are, won’t feel like you’re missing out with these bad boys on your plate.  They a great option for carb conscious, as well as for those looking for ideas to fill up a salad with more than leafy greens..

I seek out Shirataki Noodles in Asian (Japanese) grocery stores – for a better price and a more authentic experience.  However, you can buy online for around $7.  The most popular online store is Low Carb Central.

Try them out and let me know what you think…

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